Medusa Roundtail Guppy

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Medusa Roundtail Guppy

Medusa Roundtail Guppy

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First breeder/record of Medusa Roundtail Guppy:

At this point in time the breeder of this guppy is unknown, if you know who first bred this guppy please contact us.

How was Medusa Roundtail Guppy first bred:

Unfortunately it is a little difficult to know how this guppy was bred if we don’t know who bred it. If you have any information regarding either of these two sections please let us know.

What elements make a high quality Medusa Roundtail Guppy:

The Medusa element is an interesting one and I will get back to this at a later date. The round tail is pretty self explanatory, the more perfectly round the tail is the higher the quality.

Medusa Roundtail Guppy for sale:







Please email me at if you have any extra information you would like to add or help fill the blanks about the Medusa Roundtail Guppy.

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